I have always been mesmerized by all the thoughts that has passed and stayed throughout Anne Frank’s journey. I have always been fond of her Diary and this quote from her book has stuck in my head ever since I’ve read it.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

I personally am into social work and contribute my efforts and good deeds via different NGO’s as a volunteer. 

Every night when I go to bed, starring at the ceiling wondering if I did anything worth living today and if the answer is no than I would go to sleep feeling disappointed in myself.

Can you relate this situation?

Yes… Then I’ve got a perfect solution to feel proud before going to bed and have a peaceful nap at night.

Social Service is a key to lead a good life for others in need and there are platforms to serve our society and people in it. 

One of them, in fact, the best one is Non-Profit Organisation, initially known as non-governmental organization (NGO).

NGO’s aim is to serve society by contributing in social development, charity and welfare. An NGO can be registered under section 8 in Company’s Act, 2013 by easy documentation and procedure.

NGO has its own benefits like other organisation has and you will be glad to know the boons that NGO serves: 

  • Status of Separate Legal Entity
  •  Easy Formation in just 15-20 days
  • NGO helps in building a Brand
  • It is easy to add or recruit Members in your organisation
  • Current account  in bank with registered NGO Name
  • Tax Exemption
  • Can Register NGO in NITI Ayog and apply for Government Grant

Good News for you! Smartbizguru can help you with the entire process and regulations to get started with your First step to set-up an NGO.

Moving on, here are 8 safeguarding points to keep in mind

  1. Choose a right NAME: In simple words, your name should reflect your purpose. For example, Helpage: They serve under-age elderly people in need and work for their betterment to give them a privileged life.
  2. Get Domain: Social media plays a vital role for each and every purpose anyone holds and for NGO it is the best platform to go for which helps in boosting visibility and encourages others to do affiliating work via spreading awareness. 
  3. Registration: An NGO needs to go through the registration process to gain a unique identity and to enjoy other advantages. An NGO Can be registered as
  1. Societies registered under section 20 of the Societies Registration Act 1860.
  2. Trusts formed under Indian Trusts Act 1882
  3. Section 8 Company as per Companies Act,201 

It is observed that people opt to choose section 8 registration to enjoy functioning on central basis and easy formation process.

  1. Apply for PAN: PAN gives you a government approved identity to run a organisation and follow monetary transactions.

Note: In section 8 Company copy of PAN is granted by the authority concurrently with the Registration of certificates of NGO.

  1. Bank Account: It is necessary to open Current Account in bank by registered NGO name. Its basic duty is to run monetary transactions in an organisation which is only possible after acquiring a PAN card. In NGO all the donation and funds are mostly collected via bank transactions.
  2. Apply for Trademark: It is a mandatory suggestion to have your trade mark registered to get yourself a unique brand identity and to secure it totally and to enjoy its major benefits.
  3.  Niti Ayog: One can get itself registered under the Niti Ayog and can further apply for the government grant. The main motive of Niti Ayog is to create and promote a healthy partnership between VOs/NGOs and the Government of India.
  4. Apply for 80G Certificate and 12A Registration: A NGO Must Apply For 12A And 80G registration after Its Incorporation. It provides income tax exemption to the donors! It also helps NGOs in availing government.

You can visit our service menu to know more about NGO and other organisational benefits and the best part is, Smartbizguru can help you with the entire procedure and tip to toe services to get you ready for the field.

You’re just one step away from enjoying all of these services from the comfort of your home!

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