Drug License is a permission granted from the government to carry out the business in pharmaceutical sector which deals with drugs, medications and cosmetics. In simple words, no person can carry on an activity related to pharmaceutical sector without obtaining a valid license from the competent authority. All types of drugs are included in the license whether it is related to allopathy, homeopathy, ayurvedic or unani drugs.

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     Eligibility requirements:

    • You must have a registered entity 
    • You should have an adequate area for carrying on the business
    • You must have a degree of physician or should have an experience in dealing in drugs and cosmetics

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    Categories of Drug License:

    The Drug License is further bifurcated into following categories:

    • Sale License: This license is issued to the persons who are involved in the distribution. 
    • Retail Drug License:- It is issued mainly to general pharmacy chemist stores for the sale of medicines and cosmetics. 
    • Wholesale Drug License:- It is issued to those who want to get involved in the wholesale business of drugs and cosmetics.
    • Restricted License for general store:- In this type, we don’t need to involve a physician or any qualified person under the field of pharmaceutical sector to carry on the business of sale of drugs.
    • Manufacturing Drug License: It is required for carrying out the production of drugs, medication and cosmetics.
    • Loan Drug License: Those people who want to get indulged into the manufacturing of drugs and cosmetics but do not have their own land to carry out such business should opt this license who can carry out the manufacturing activities on land of those are already issued with the License of manufacturing.
    • Import Drug License: This Drug License must be acquired by those persons who are using imported products for manufacturing drugs or those who are engaging in the distribution of imported drugs in India.
    • Multi-Drug License: If you want to expand your business in more than one state, then you should go for a Multi-Drug License.

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