FSSAI Licence

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, the full form of FSSAI is the legitimate authority license given to institutions and individuals who deal in any kind of food related business. This license assures that the food stuffs that are being imported, exported or involved in local trades are safe to eat.

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With Fssai certificates, it is confirmed that no elements which cause any health failures are included in edible products. Thus the consumers can securely buy and eat them. It is assumed as a crucial thing that all food businesses in India follow the rules which demands them to acquire this  license compulsorily according to Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.

Food Safety Department strictly watches if the enforcement of this Act runs smoothly. They keep observing the process by overseeing, surveillance, inspections and monitoring the businesses as well as food particles. The officials can take whatever food stuff from any where haphazardly for sampling and give it scientific checks.

Applicant eligibility for FSSAI Licence

All food dealings traders, shops, manufacturers, restaurants, importer exporter merchants etc. are eligible to have FSSAI Licence. FSSAI Licence fall chiefly in three categories and oblige for different requirements, based on annual turn overs of business owners.

Basic Licence: Basic registration is about the annual turnover below 12 lakhs. With this limit of turnover that the food business executor manages, will need to registered with form A, that is called basic registration.

State Licence: This is form B registration and involves the annual business turnover between 12 to 20 crores. In case any business entity reaches this figure, will be eligible for the State FSSAI Licence.

Central Licence : This is another form B registration with the annual business turnover more than 20 crores. When the business entity meets this criteria they will be eligible to apply for Central FSSAI License.

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Crucial reasons for acquiring FSSAI Licence (benefits)

Indian government is very much concerned about public safety, it therefore ensures that edible products bear several quality trials before they reach to public. The motive behind this action is to provide the consumers safe and better food purchases. For this reason, there are certain things that render great favours to the business operator bodies.
• The biggest benefit of having FSSAI licence is that you can trade in the market without facing any legal enquiries.
• Public trusts your brand since your company is sealed with authentication by the government authority.
• Your organisation is seen as standard which delivers healthy and hygienic service.
• There aren’t frequent food poisoning cases since government itself takes care as what’s being served in markets.
• Food verification is done by FSSAI officials which leads the business entity into satisfaction and they keep going smoothly.
• If anything happens unknowingly with your to-sell-items such as it becomes inflected, you’ll not face troubles since FSSAI always oversees the food quality provided throughout the country. Whenever they find anything negative they inform the business owner and give time to improve and stand again to give quality trials before selling them again.

Which important documents you need to apply for FSSAI?

All food manufacturers, distributors, retailers call for FSSAI Licence for running their businesses. It takes no high efforts to obtain this license. You will need first to collect your following documents:

  1. Identity, it may include your Voter ID Card, Aadhar Card, Diving License, PAN Card, Ration Card, Senior Citizen and Passport.
  2. Supplementary proofs such as the one issued from your local authorities, residential proof or any officially issued ID.
  3. A clear photo of applicant.Business registration certificate – COI/GST/Partnership Deed
  4. List of Plant and Machinery
  5. Photographs of Machinery
  6. List of Food category desired

Procedures to get your FSSAI Licence released

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