Welfare Residential Association

Resident Welfare Association- RWA

A Resident Welfare Association (RWA) is a sibling of other societies and trusts with slightly distinct features. RWA falls under Section 20 of The Registration of Society Act, 1860.

RWA is the mandatory step that should be taken by every society, residence or any household units to stay aware and protect those rights. This association can help protects hundreds or families living in a township, cities or basically a society by timely maintenances of the society, resolving problems of the members, organizing meaningful events, and ensuring safe and secure environment for the members affiliated to the particular association.


  • Membership clause: This clause includes Entry fee, defame regulations, how many members to be included and so on.
  • Subscription clause: Subscription charges, registration process, etcetera.
  • Meeting clause: Structure and Format of a meeting, Time interval, Topics and so on.
  • Committee/Governing Body clause: Types of members, their roles are decided here.
  • Auditor: Hiring an auditor and replacement of auditors if needed is decided here.
  • Legal procedure: Who will manage the legal procedure of the association is highlighted here.


Dissolution: Process and important decisions are made if needed.

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