A Wholly owned subsidiary company is a company whose common stock is 100% owned by another company (Parent Company).

When a company owns

  1. Minority stake i.e., less than 50% in another company then that company is an associate/affiliate company to the stake-holding company.
  2. When a company holds majority stake I.e., more than 50% than that company is a subsidiary to the stake-holding company. But
  3. When a company owns 100% stake in another company than that company is a wholly owned subsidiary to the stake-holding company.

I would like to discuss:

A wholly owned subsidiary company can be formed through

  1. Acquisition;
  2. Greenfield investment;
  3. Brownfield investment. A wholly owned subsidiary company can be a consolidated subsidiary or An Unconsolidated subsidiary to the parent company.


  1. Identity Proof:  Copy of Passport, PAN card*, Aadhar card, Driving license (any one) (*PAN card is compulsory along with any one of the identity proof)
  2. Residence proof: Copy of voter’s identity card, latest bank statement, electricity bill or any other utility bill (not older than 2 months). 
  3. Two passport size color photograph (one in .jpeg format) 
  4. Verification/ Declaration in the prescribed format on 10 Rupees stamp paper, duly notarized by a notary public.


  1. Copy of PAN card is mandatory for Indian subscriber and director
  2. Passport copy is mandatory for foreign subscriber and director.
  3. All documents should be self-attested, notarised and duly apostilled in case of foreign national/parent company.


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